Ayrshire Twos Results 2023


Qualifying for our National Finals

1st Place - The Bandits
Best Day 1 Score - Stevie's A Barsteward
Best Day 2 Score - The Boys Too
Par3 Sweep Scratch - John Dolan - Little N Large
Par3 Sweep Stableford - Barry Reid - Fwaf Uk

On Course Winners

Dundonald Links Gailes Links
4th Christine Siebelt Shotscope Prize 6th Sam Goodwin Shotscope Prize
6th David Carrighan 1 Dozen Pro V1's 12th Danny Agnew 1 Dozen Pro V1's
11th Mark Symington GHQ Vodka 15th Stuart Mitchell GHQ Vodka
15th Paul Shannan Titleist Cap & Pro V1's LD Luke Brown 1 Dozen Pro V1's
LD Paul Shannan 1 Dozen Pro V1's      

Weekend Winners

1st Bandits £500
2nd The Ospreys £400
3rd Stevie's A Barsteward £300
4th Cassie Boys £200
5th Pair O Tubes - Countback £100